How it works

Eynsham Medical Group Online Forms


To all our patients,

We hope these online tools will help improve the quality of your care. The system is easy to use and can be completed in your own time.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Rust
On behalf of Eynsham Medical Group


Load form straight from text message or website


Important questions about your health


Information specific to you


Complete in your own time


Answers uploaded to your medical notes

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How it works

  • Online forms tailored to your health
  • Each form can
    • Assess your health
    • Provide you with relevant information
    • Highlight your concerns
    • Provide valuable information to your doctor or nurse ahead of your consultation
  • Accessible from text message or this page (Get Started)
  • Available on computer, mobile or tablet
  • All your answers held securely and attached to your notes

What you need

  • Just your NHS number
  • This may be found on a text message from the surgery, repeat medication slips, and surgery or hospital letters
  • If you need your NHS number to complete a form please contact the surgery

Does this replace face-to-face and phone appointments?

  • The forms allow you to provide information in advance of your consultation
  • Some forms offer the option of completing your consultation without making an appointment

After completing a form

  • It will always be clear what (if anything) you need to do next
  • Your answers will be added to your notes and available to the practice team
    • This system should never be used for an urgent message to the surgery


  • We use secure online tools from Google which are widely used in healthcare settings
  • These tools are approved by the UK Government Cybersecurity Service
  • All your information is held by us and not accessible to Google or any third party

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